Using an e-mail checker : why is this practice so important ?

As a business, one of the most effective ways of communicating with your customers and prospects is by e-mail. Many people today are interested in their e-mails, and that's the main reason why. However, the e-mail addresses that are often collected by companies are not always reliable. Some are incorrect or inactive. This is why the use of an e-mail checker is essential. If you want to have reliable, verified and correct addresses for your consumers, here are some reasons why you should take action.

Verifying the authenticity of addresses

The main reason for using an e-mail verifier is to be able to check the authenticity of your recipients, you can find out more at When you start a marketing campaign with the aim of evaluating conversion rates, you need to make sure you have reliable addresses. Otherwise, you run the risk of not achieving your objectives.

When your e-mail list is made up mainly of robots and incorrect addresses, your messages and hard-hitting visuals will not reach the right destination. As a result, the hoped-for conversion or click-through rates will not be achieved. That's why you need to check e-mail addresses so that you can focus on real customers. This will protect your company's reputation by reducing the bounce rate.

Error prevention

When users register on your website, they may make careless mistakes. Given that sensitive data is involved, a little fatigue could result in a typing or spelling error. By using an e-mail checker, you can identify these errors made by your customers at the time of registration. 

That said, you can inform the user of the error with a view to correcting it. This practice actually enables you to limit incorrect or erroneous addresses. A typographical error alone can render an address non-functional. Ultimately, using the checker prevents these situations and gives you a list of verified addresses.

Guaranteeing data security

Medium-sized and large businesses are generally exposed to a number of security risks. It is therefore important to ensure security in all contexts. It's not uncommon to receive e-mails purporting to be from scammers. Sometimes this can come from phishers. The emails you often receive expose you to the risk of being hacked or losing your valuable data. 

It is therefore advisable to check which e-mails you are contacting and which ones are also contacting you. If you don't check suspicious emails, you can quickly suffer security breaches. The email checker is the right tool to detect such cases.

Increased engagement rate

As a business, when you send mail to your consumers, you want them to open your messages and engage. Thanks to email verification, you can achieve this goal. This process eliminates bots and incorrect addresses from your list. 

As a result, fewer emails will be left unanswered. It's important to remember that messages are sent to a target audience that is ready to commit. This is what justifies the growth in your engagement rate. With an effective marketing campaign aimed at validated e-mails, the result is undoubtedly the engagement of your consumers.

Maintaining a clean mailing list

An effective marketing strategy won't last long if your consumers aren't ideals. In other words, your messages and visuals must be aimed at your target audience, be they customers or prospects. That's the goal of every business owner. In this sense, the e-mail checker is the solution to this problem.

When you send out your electronic messages, it is important to minimise spam complaints. This obviously involves the addresses of your recipients. You need to ensure that your e-mail list is made up of people who have an interest in your company. Otherwise, your messages are likely to be sent to people who have no interest. As a result, your messages will be spammed.

That said, as well as sending quality messages, you also need to make sure that you identify the accounts capable of spamming your messages. This is the role of the e-mail checker, which makes your address list clean. What's more, you should avoid appearing on blacklists. The server will refuse to accept your messages. The importance of checking e-mails is becoming real and compulsory for any company that communicates electronically. 

In short, e-mail verification enables you to have a clean address list free of invalid or false accounts. This contributes to the effectiveness of the e-mails you send to consumers.

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